Let’s get a couple things out of the way…

1. I am not skinny. I haven’t been since I was, well, probably about 6. My parents called me “skinny-mini legs” back then, but now they just call me Jess.

I have spent at least 20 of my 32 years dieting as a hobby, but recently I have decided that I am done counting calories. I am done starving myself, and I am totally done with elliptical machines. Instead, I am embracing my love for food and focusing on nourishing myself with real, quality food. I am also (mostly) done with hardcore cardio workouts, focusing instead on workouts that I totally love that make me fit and strong (yes, I do Crossfit, but I promise not to talk about it very much, because I know it is super annoying). Don’t call me a liar if I talk a bit about endurance sports. I get suckered into the occasional half marathon and I been known to ride my bike a mile or 500. I have done the AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles 2ish times (its complicated), odds are I will probably do it again.

I know “real food” may not be very descriptive, but I don’t subscribe to a particular genre of eating. I eat mostly gluten free, mostly sugar free, and limit dairy (I cannot resist cheese), but I try not to take it too seriously and I fall off the wagon. like, all the time because I like food way too much! The important thing is I get back on! If you insist upon calling me something, call me “Paleo-ish” (or skinny-mini legs works too).

2. I am not rich, and perhaps am getting poorer by the minute. Three months ago I I re-located to San Francisco, which recently stole the crown for most expensive city in the United States from New York. I have impeccable timing. To make things more exciting, I am also getting married this October, and, well, that shit is expensive! I have been dating my fiancé, Donna, for over 6 years and I finally convinced her to give me a ring. If you haven’t figured it out or are confused, yes, I am a lesbian.

When I first began my “Paleo-ish” approach to eating, I saw my bank account shrink along with my waist line. Eating real, quality food can come at a price if you are not paying attention, but I am determined that being healthy will not send me to the poor house. With focused planning and a bit of creativity, I believe I can create delicious, healthy and simple recipes and meal plans that will leave enough money in my wallet to pay my totally ridiculous rent.

I think that pretty much covers things. Oh! I do have a for real full time job (that I promise to not talk about) so my posts may be somewhat infrequent, please forgive me, a girl has to pay the bills. Check out my instagram account @askinnyrichgirl for a slightly more regular dose of food porn.

I welcome all praise, criticism, general feedback and ideas on the blog. I am pretty new to this and definitely do not claim to be an expert! You can leave comments on my posts, Tweet me at @askinnyrichgirl or email me at askinnyrichgirl@gmail.com.

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